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Silver Strike Coins

What is a Silver Strike Coin?

A casino gaming Silver Strike or Silver Round or Silver Gaming Token is a token that was placed throughout many different casinos in the United States, Cruise Ships, and some other different countries. Mainly the older $10 silver strikes were composed of a .999 silver round surrounded by a brass ring. The $7 silver strikes did not have the brass ring and some of the higher value silver strikes were .999 silver with fancy gold electroplating. The purpose of the silver strike was to promote the casino and signify certain events.

Are Silver Strike Coins worth anything, worth collecting, or would be good for a gift?

Silver Strikes have multiple values depending on the collector. Silver Strikes generally contain a picture of a casino, animal, train, vehicle, scenery, famous people, and other miscellaneous items. If you know someone who collects a certain subject and a Silver Strike has an image of that subject, than it would make a great gift.

The value of the Silver Strike is like any other collectible, the value depends on quantity and demand. The only great exception to a Silver Strike is that it has a set value even if nobody wanted to collect them. The value lies in the silver content of the Silver Strike and with the soaring price of silver you can bet that the value of these tokens will increase and fluctuate on a daily basis.

You can collect Silver Strikes for a hobby or just for an investment in silver. Hobby collectors are finding out that many Silver Strikes have been destroyed or melted down for their silver content making their collections more valuable, especially in the long run. There are also rare and unusual Silver Strikes that command significantly higher prices.

The bottom price of a Silver Strike depends on the price of silver. Commonly a pre 2004 $10 Silver Strike has .6 troy ounces of .999 silver. So if you purchased 20 Silver Strikes for an investment you would have approximately 6 ounces of .999 silver. If the price of silver was $15 a troy ounce, Feb 2010, than you would have spent $300. Now as of Feb 2011 silver has made it to $30 a troy ounce. So you investment is now worth $600. Silver is expected to top $40 a troy ounce this year so the total worth of your investment would be $800.

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